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Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Standard Bank offers a wide range of financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact one of our experienced professionals to find the right financing and loan solution tailored for you and your business.

Business Lines of Credit

With a Standard Bank Line of Credit, your business can meet any short-term cash flow need, whenever it is required.  Whether your business is seasonal in nature, experiences an unexpected shortfall of cash, or has a need to finance payables that fluctuate, a Standard Bank Line of Credit will give you peace of mind.

Business Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit from Standard Bank helps your business demonstrate its credit-worthiness to suppliers, enabling you to quickly obtain credit for the goods and services your business purchases, whether domestic or abroad.  A Letter of Credit can be a valued addition to your business.

Business Installment Loans

A Business Installment Loan provides the funds you need to help your business grow.  Standard Bank customers benefit from these loans to finance equipment or other capital goods, obtain a base of working capital or consolidate other business debt.

Installment loans can be secured with many different asset options, and your Standard Bank Officer will work with you to design the perfect loan for your business.

Construction and Land Development

Standard Bank’s Construction and Land Development Loans and Lines of Credit are the perfect solutions for real estate developers seeking to develop a commercial or residential property, or companies seeking to build a new facility. If desired, construction loans can be bundled with a commercial mortgage to enable the business to begin the mortgage process once the property is complete, without another loan closing.

Commercial Mortgages

By taking advantage of Standard Bank’s commercial mortgages, your business may be able to turn rent payments into equity, reduce monthly payments or benefit from potential tax advantages. Businesses that currently own their facility can also elect to unlock that equity to finance capital expenditures or growth.

Acquisition Financing

Ready to buy a business or professional practice?  Standard Bank has the solution.  Our Officers can help you create the financing program to help you succeed.

To discuss lending options and find the account that is right for you, call Standard Bank at 866.499.2265 or visit your nearest branch.