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Debit MasterCard®

New Debit Card Design

Opening a Standard Bank checking account will give you access to our Debit MasterCard®, providing convenient automatic withdrawals on purchases and access to thousands of ATMs worldwide.  Our online Debit MasterCard Application is fast and secure.

*A Standard Bank checking account is required

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Traveling? Let us know.

Standard Bank blocks the following Debit MasterCard® credit transactions unless we receive notification of your travel plans:
  • Purchases made outside of your home state
  • Purchases made in a foreign country
  • Purchases or payments made through a company that is located outside of the United States
  • Purchases, or payments made, where the transaction is processed by a payment processor that is located outside of the United States

Let us know your travel plans

MasterCard SecureCode™

MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Only you and your financial institution know what your code is – retailers aren’t able to see it. So you can trust that your transactions get independent approval every time.

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