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Estate Administration

In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out, it is important to have some sort of estate planning. The simplest form of estate planning is a Will. A Will allows a person to specify to whom they want their assets transferred upon their passing.

When making a Will, one of the most important decisions a person must make is whom to name as executor. An executor must be trustworthy and impartial in order to assure that all wishes of the person’s Will are followed. While many people name friends or family members to act as their executors, they may not be able to act because they have moved or passed away themselves. Also, an individual executor may find the task overwhelming, and lack the knowledge to perform the function properly.

We often act as executors for estates, and have the experience to settle the estate quickly and efficiently. The Bank also has only one person’s interest in mind – yours. No matter how well intentioned, an individual executor who is also an heir to an estate may act in a way that they believe will benefit them.

Our Trust Management professionals can work with you and an Attorney, as well as provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about this process. To learn more, call Standard Bank at 866.499.2265 or contact us.